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Wood flowers are made from balsa wood and the tapioca root. I hand dip, shape, paint and dye the flowers by hand, no two are alike! The flowers are then placed in beautiful everyday décor and arrangements. I also make bouquets and wall hangings. We are just getting started in the wedding industry, and make unique centerpieces and bouquets that last forever. Custom orders are available.


Say what?  The flowers are made from wood??  Yes, the flowers are really made of wood.  The most common types are from the tapioca plant and balsa wood.  Both woods are very soft.


How long do the flowers last?  Forever!


Can the flowers go outside?  Unfortunately the flowers do not like rain or harsh elements.  They do however do well on a covered porch or behind a screen door.

How do I arrange an order for a wedding?  Give me as much notice as possible, as I have to plan around other weddings and shows!  A minimum 4 months notice is required.  It is easiest to send me an inspiration photo and then we will set up a time to chat.


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