Thank you for considering Blooms by Bennetta to serve your wedding needs.  To discuss a wedding order please contact me through the website.  I schedule weddings on a first come first serve basis.  Please take into consideration I have to schedule around work, shows, and custom orders.  To save the date we must have a contract in place as soon as possible.  To avoid a rush fee please place order prior to two months.  It is best to have an inspiration picture.



All prices are starting points.  Prices will go up with add-ons, additional colors, and premium flowers and greenery.


Hand Picked - dome shaped but not a complete circle


Toss: 4 - 7 flowers$25

Small: 7-13 flowers$50

Medium: 15-20 flowers $75

Large: 20-25 flowers$100

Extra Large: 25+ flowers$125


Round- complete circle very little greenery

Wild - similar to hand picked with additional greenery


Toss: 4 - 7 flowers$35

Small: 7-13 flowers$65

Medium: 15-20 flowers $100

Large: 20-25 flowers$135

Extra Large: 25+ flowers$175


Cascading - looks like a teardrop with a lot of greenery


Toss: 4 - 7 flowers$50

Small: 7-13 flowers$85

Medium: 15-20 flowers $125

Large: 20-25 flowers$165

Extra Large: 25+ flowers$225


Corsages - Pin on includes greenery

3 flowers: $25

4 flowers: $30

Boutineers:  Includes greenery

Groom: 2 flowers  $22

Groomsmen: 1 flower   $19


Centerpieces available starting at $30


Rush Fee

1 month notice:  $50

2 months notice: $25